September 26, 2011

Felt Play Food - Pumpkin Pie -

It’s official! Autumn is here and it just happens to be one of my favorite seasons. The air smells amazing,filled with so many different layers of aromas. I love the scent of burning leaves and the way it smells after a rain and how the wet leaves have that earthy smell.
The only autumn perfume I’m not too thrilled with is the dead skunk odor. Have you ever noticed how many more dead skunks there are in the fall?  I should look this up on National Geographic or something.  Do you think there is some kind of secret skunk ritual in the fall? Maybe it is some kind of rite of passage that only skunks are aware of like the skunks that make it across 6 lanes of rush hour traffic get the girl skunk or something. If anyone has an answer to this phenomenon I’d be really interested in knowing.
Anyway I digress. Just for fun I thought I would share my favorite pumpkin pie recipe – well it’s sort of a recipe - it’s actually felt play food for children or it can be a decorative piece for grown-ups.
These little pie slices are high in fiber and 100% fat free. I whipped up a bunch of these for a craft fair that my daughter and I participated in and I had a LOT of fun making them.
I chose wool felt for the pumpkin part because I wanted the color to be as accurate as possible. We have a local craft store called Erica’s and she has an amazing selection of all wool felt. You will find in future projects that I often use the wool because of the amazing colors that are available.
I found the “crust”  and the “filling” at JoAnn Fabrics as well as the “whipped cream”. These are felt made from recycled plastic bottles. I love using environmentally friendly or repurposed materials whenever possible.
Get your *FREE* pattern here.
If anyone makes this I would love to see pictures of your version of this yummy fall treat!!

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